Our Vision, Mission & Profile

Our Vision

To be the client's First and Best Choice.

Provide the highest quality supportive living services possible (cooperative ventures with other organizations shall be used as an avenue for achieving this goal).

Be committed to growth that expands supportive living service options for those who have adequate resources and for those who do not.

Develop related services when the availability of those services will improve the quality of life and functioning ability of clients.

Utilize the highest ethical and professional standards in providing healthcare services.

Ensure a working culture that attracts and retains the best qualified team members possible.

Our Mission

Provide comprehensive, high-quality, reasonably priced services to the elderly and those with disabilities enabling them to live at home.

Our Corporate Profile

Helping Hands Home Assistance, Inc., a non-profit organization, abides by its core values, which are professionalism, ethics, morality and humility. Embracing these core values, our team members provide quality services while meeting each client's needs. We strive to achieve these objectives through flexible, cost effective programs utilizing all available resources. We continue to aggressively pursue grants and other financial resources to subsidize or in some cases provide our client's with needed services at no cost to them.

We work hand-in-hand with clients, tenant associations, community leaders, employers, government agencies, senior housing facilities, neighbors, friends, and families to help the elderly, the infirmed and people with physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities to live at home and maintain a sense of purpose.